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Brilliant Persuasion: Everyday techniques to boost your powers of persuasion (Brilliant Lifeskills)

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Author : Stephen C. Young
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Description : IT WOULD BE WONDERFUL IF YOU COULD ALWAYS ENSURE EVERYONE AGREED WITH YOUR WAY OF THINKING, WOULDNrsquo;T IT?nbsp;nbsp;Yoursquo;re already aware of how unlikely you are to progress at work, or ldquo;make a name for yourselfrdquo; in life, if you struggle to get your ideas accepted by your prospects, your clients, your team, your boss, or your peers.nbsp;Have you noticed how for some people it seems effortless, while the rest of us ndash; maybe you, would benefit from a little help?nbsp;Step by step,nbsp;Brilliantnbsp;Persuasionnbsp;introduces you to a formidable selection of some of the most powerfulnbsp;persuasionnbsp;techniques used by the most successful business men and women throughout the world.nbsp;Using practical exercises that you will effortlessly adapt into your everyday speech,nbsp;Brilliantnbsp;Persuasionnbsp;will ensure you:nbsp;bull; nbsp;nbsp;Naturally lead people towards your way of thinkingbull; nbsp;nbsp;Quantum leap your negotiating skillsbull; nbsp;nbsp;Overcome objectionsbull; nbsp;nbsp;Figure out the emotions behind your prospectsrsquo; decision-making process and covertly use this to your advantagebull; nbsp;nbsp;Understand and acquire the basic technics of the language ofnbsp;persuasionbull; nbsp;nbsp;Learn how to integratenbsp;persuasivenbsp;techniques into everyday business and life scenariosbull; nbsp;nbsp;Foster long-term trust, credibility and resonant rapportbull; nbsp;nbsp;Understand why some words are morenbsp;persuasivenbsp;than othersbull; nbsp;nbsp;Subliminally plant suggestions and ideas into the minds of others.

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