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Sharenbsp;Marketnbsp;-nbsp;Anbsp;Tonbsp;Z (Tamil)

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Author : Chokkalingam Palaniyappan
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Description : During our bus train travels we would have come across dialogues like ldquo;Wow, There is a hike in share rates!rdquo;, ldquo;Omg, there is a decline in share rate!rdquo;. Share Market has a great contribution in Indian Economy. Many people wonder regarding the speciality of the Share Market. The Agencies that are operating with huge investments or the agency that are to be operated with huge investments will release investment shares, People acquiring or selling those shares for profit is said to be Share Market. How to buy a share? What kind of shares can be obtained? What are the things to know before acquiring shares, at what stage a share can be brought, Ways to know the highs and lows of share market, what tactics can be used here etc.., are all explained with practical examples by author Chokkalingam Palaniyappan. This book is based on the compilation of the article ldquo;Panguchandhai Aathichudirdquo; released in Naanayam Vikatan. The ways to involve in Share transaction is explained in every chapter under the topic lsquo;Veetu Paadamrsquo;, which is a unique feature of this book. The main aim of this book is to make every people know the basic details of Share Market.

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