[Read and download] Panamseyya virumbu (Tamil)

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Panamseyya virumbu (Tamil)

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Author : Nagappan Pugazhenthi
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Description : Money is everything in this whole world. In this money minded business world, people think money is very important and they started running behind money regardless of time. Everyone were busy saving money for the important events in their life like marriage, education and employment as money plays an essential role in achieving all these. The ones who focus their thoughts are living a better life. People who has not saved the money for their future are depressed. So for those who strive hard to save money and later are confused as to how to spend that money in an effective way, is what explained in this book. Panam Seiyya Virumbu by Nagappan Pugalendhi from Ananda Vikadan. What are the methods to use our hard earned money? How to do it? What are the companies that are helpful in the economic benefits of people? What are the advantages and disadvantages of them? The authors have demonstrated these things excellently with material evidence in this book.

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