(Get free) Studying for your Future Employability: A business studentrsquo;s guide (Youth, Young Adulthood and Society)

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Studying for your Future Employability: A business studentrsquo;s guide (Youth, Young Adulthood and Society)

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Author : Sheila Tyler
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Description : How employable will you be when you graduate from your business and management degree? How can you ensure that your time as a student is spent developing skills essential to the business world? Will you be poised to take on the job market with confidence and land your dream job? This study guide bridges the gap between your degree and your future career by connecting your study skills to the professional ones yoursquo;ll need. Designed to be a companion throughout your degree, this easy-to-use reference work simultaneously develops your employability whilst also helping you to succeed at university. Throughout your studies it will keep you focused on your future career by: teaching lsquo;bridging skillsrsquo; that enable you to apply your learning to professional practice showing how study skills such as diagnostics, planning and management, critical reading and knowledge transformation are used in the workplace demonstrating why lsquo;thinking skillsrsquo; such as critical thinking and reflection, developing arguments, problem solving, decision making, creative thinking and ethical thinking are vital to employershelping you to understand, early in your degree, what employers are looking for so that you can develop lsquo;career readinessrsquo; as you study and gain work experience guiding you in developing a unique, evidence-based CV and using self-knowledge to make the right career choice. Studying for your Future Employability provides a range of scenarios and activities to demonstrate the links between study skills and professional skills, along with techniques familiar in the workplace. With IT skills embedded throughout, this is the perfect study skills textbook to accompany business and management students who want to make their time in education count.

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