(Download pdf) The Activation Imperative: How to Build Brands and Business by Inspiring Action

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The Activation Imperative: How to Build Brands and Business by Inspiring Action

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Author : William Rosen, Laurence Minsky
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Description : How can marketers navigate the growing array of marketing specialties, multiplying media options and data sources, and increasing content saturation to improve effectiveness and return on investment?How can they provide consumers with seamless experiences of value across channels that overcome behavioral barriers and actually deliver results?In The Activation Imperative, William Rosen and Laurence Minsky provide a straightforward guide for marketers to move beyond building brands to activating themmdash;from simply projecting what a brand is to optimizing what it doesmdash;to move people closer to transaction.Drawing on years of research and experience with the worldrsquo;s most sophisticated brands, Rosen and Minsky share a unifying cross-discipline marketing approach designed to impact critical behaviors and more effectively drive business results. They reveal how todayrsquo;s more personalized and trackable communications illuminate tremendous diversity in paths-to-purchase and explain how to leverage this data to develop more effective strategies and creative targeted to individual inflection points. With actionable advice and best-in-class examples, Rosen and Minsky offer marketers a road map to manage todayrsquo;s increasingly fragmented marketing landscape to more effectively and efficiently build brands and business.

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