(Download free ebook) Modern Sport Ethics: A Reference Handbook, 2nd Edition (Contemporary World Issues)

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Modern Sport Ethics: A Reference Handbook, 2nd Edition (Contemporary World Issues)

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Author : Angela Lumpkin
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Description : The descriptions and examples of unethical behaviors in sport in this book will challenge readers to rethink how they view sport and question whether participating in sport builds charactermdash;especially at the youth and amateur levels.bull; Describes and analyzes key ethical issues, such as cheating, fair play, violence, discriminatory actions, and the use of performance-enhancing drugs, in a single volumebull; Identifies how ethical problems in sport affect sport in the United States and internationally but also significantly impact society overallbull; Examines significant events and influential individuals to provide a historical and sociological context for understanding how and why individuals behave unethically in sportbull; Provides a wealth of information and resources that describe how poor behaviors of athletes, coaches, and parents in sport can be changed through educational interventions and a reemphasis on values like integrity

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[Ebook pdf] Oportunidades Exponenciais: Um manual praacute;tico para transformar os maiores problemas do mundo nas maiores oportunidades de negoacute;cios… (Portuguese Edition)

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Oportunidades Exponenciais: Um manual praacute;tico para transformar os maiores problemas do mundo nas maiores oportunidades de negoacute;cios… (Portuguese Edition)

[Ebook pdf] File size: 22.Mb

Author : Peter H. Diamandis, Steven Kotler
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Description : O bilionaacute;rio Peter Diamandis e o jornalista Steven Kotler escreveram Oportunidades Exponenciais como um manifesto e como um manual para o empreendedor exponencial ndash; qualquer um interessado em crescer, criar riqueza e impactar o mundo. Ensina a acelerar tecnologias, pensar em larga escala e usar ferramentas acionadas pela multidatilde;o. Quem deveria lecirc;-lo? Se vocecirc; eacute; empreendedor, em potencial ou jaacute; com experiecirc;ncia, este livro eacute; para vocecirc;. Eacute; sobre aumentar seriamente suas habilidades e ambiccedil;otilde;es, eacute; sobre natilde;o se limitar ao mercado dos joguinhos e aplicativos moacute;veis. Eacute; sobre causar impacto global.Se vocecirc; eacute; gerente, executivo ou proprietaacute;rio de uma grande e pesadona empresa, seu concorrente natilde;o eacute; mais alguma multinacional do exterior, e sim a explosatilde;o de empreendedores exponenciais que trabalham em casa. Ler este livro lhe daraacute; uma visatilde;o da origem dessa nova concorrecirc;ncia e de como ela pensa e atua. Aleacute;m disso, as mesmas oportunidades exponenciais ndash; tanto as tecnologias em si como as estrateacute;gias para maximizaacute;-las (psicoloacute;gicas e organizacionais) ndash; existem igualmente para empreendedores solo e para grandes companhias. Segundo os autores, a maneira mais faacute;cil de se tornar bilionaacute;rio eacute; resolver um problema que aflige um bilhatilde;o de pessoas. E, neste livro, eles explicam passo a passo como conseguir a proeza.

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[Download pdf] SSL and TLS: Theory and Practice, Second Edition

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SSL and TLS: Theory and Practice, Second Edition

[Download pdf] File size: 66.Mb

Author : Rolf Oppliger
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Description : This completely revised and expanded second edition of SSL and TLS: Theory and Practice provides an overview and a comprehensive discussion of the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), Transport Layer Security (TLS), and Datagram TLS (DTLS) protocols that are omnipresent in todayrsquo;s e-commerce and e-business applications and respective security solutions. It provides complete details on the theory and practice of the protocols, offering readers a solid understanding of their design principles and modes of operation. Updates to this edition include coverage of the recent attacks against the protocols, newly specified extensions and firewall traversal, as well as recent developments related to public key certificates and respective infrastructures.This book targets software developers, security professionals, consultants, protocol designers, and chief security officers who will gain insight and perspective on the many details of the SSL, TLS, and DTLS protocols, such as cipher suites, certificate management, and alert messages. The book also comprehensively discusses the advantages and disadvantages of the protocols compared to other Internet security protocols and provides the details necessary to correctly implement the protocols while saving time on the security practitionerrsquo;s side.

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