(Read ebook) Nudging Health

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Nudging Health

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Author : I. Glenn Cohen, Holly Fernandez Lynch, Christopher T. Robertson, Cass R. Sunstein
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Description : Behavioral nudges are everywhere: calorie counts on menus, automated text reminders to encourage medication adherence, a reminder bell when a driverrsquo;s seatbelt isnrsquo;t fastened. Designed to help people make better health choices, these reminders have become so commonplace that they often go unnoticed. In Nudging Health, forty-five experts in behavioral science and health policy from across academia, government, and private industry come together to explore whether and how these tools are effective in improving health outcomes.Behavioral science has swept the fields of economics and law through the study of nudges, cognitive biases, and decisional heuristicsmdash;but it has only recently begun to impact the conversation on health care. Nudging Health wrestles with some of the thorny philosophical issues, legal limits, and conceptual questions raised by behavioral science as applied to health law and policy. The volume frames the fundamental issues surrounding health nudges by addressing ethical questions. Does cost-sharing for health expenditures cause patients to make poor decisions? Is it right to make it difficult for people to opt out of having their organs harvested for donation when they die? Are behavioral nudges paternalistic? The contributors examine specific applications of behavioral science, including efforts to address health care costs, improve vaccination rates, and encourage better decision-making by physicians. They wrestle with questions regarding the doctor-patient relationship and defaults in healthcare while engaging with larger, timely questions of healthcare reform. Nudging Health is the first multi-voiced assessment of behavioral economics and health law to span such a wide array of issuesmdash;from the Affordable Care Act to prescription drugs.Contributors: David A. Asch, Jerry Avorn, Jennifer Blumenthal-Barby, Alexander M. Capron, Niteesh K. Choudhry, I. Glenn Cohen, Sarah Conly, Gregory Curfman, Khaled El Emam, Barbara J. Evans, Nir Eyal, Andrea Freeman, Alan M. Garber, Jonathan Gingerich, Michael Hallsworth, Jim Hawkins, David Huffman, David A. Hyman, Julika Kaplan, Aaron S. Kesselheim, Nina A. Kohn, Russell Korobkin, Jeffrey T. Kullgren, Matthew J.B. Lawrence, George Loewenstein, Holly Fernandez Lynch, Ester Moher, Abigail R. Moncrieff, David Orentlicher, Manisha Padi, Christopher T. Robertson, Ameet Sarpatwari, Aditi P. Sen, Neel Shah, Zainab Shipchandler, Anna D. Sinaiko, Donna Spruijt-Metz, Cass R. Sunstein, Thomas S. Ulen, Kristen Underhill, Kevin G. Volpp, Mark D. White, David V. Yokum, Jennifer L. Zamzow, Richard J. Zeckhauser

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(Library ebook) Perspectivas Asiaacute;ticas (Pensamento criacute;tico) (Portuguese Edition)

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Perspectivas Asiaacute;ticas (Pensamento criacute;tico) (Portuguese Edition)

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Author : Marcos Costa Lima
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Description : O comeacute;rcio crescente, os laccedil;os comerciais e poliacute;ticos entre Ameacute;rica Latina e China, especialmente a incorporaccedil;atilde;o do Brasil nos BRICS, inauguraram o surgimento de novas estruturas institucionais, poliacute;ticas e comerciais, que datilde;o agrave; regiatilde;o condiccedil;otilde;es para buscar vincular o seu desenvolvimento econocirc;mico ao cada vez maior peso econocirc;mico do gigante asiaacute;tico. Embora esses desenvolvimentos tenham sido muito positivos, eles foram substancialmente complicados pelo impacto negativo da crise econocirc;mica mundial desde 2008 e pela ofensiva da poliacute;tica neoliberal liderada pelos Estados Unidos, que jaacute; saiu vitorioso com a vitoacute;ria de Macri na Argentina, no processo de impeachment contra Dilma Rousseff e nas graves dificuldades econocirc;micas enfrentadas pelo governo bolivariano de Nicolaacute;s Maduro na Venezuela, apenas para mencionar os mais importantes. (FRANCISCO DOMINGUEZ/Middlesex University)A analogia que me vem agrave; mente para discutir a relaccedil;atilde;o entre a desigualdade e o poder econocirc;mico eacute; a lei da gravitaccedil;atilde;o. A desigualdade eacute; visiacute;vel, mesmo estatisticamente mensuraacute;vel em muitos casos, mas o poder econocirc;mico que a impulsiona eacute; invisiacute;vel e natilde;o mensuraacute;vel. Como a forccedil;a da gravidade, o poder eacute; o princiacute;pio organizador da desigualdade, seja de renda, riqueza, sexo, raccedil;a, religiatilde;o ou regiatilde;o. Seus efeitos satilde;o vistos de forma generalizada em todas as esferas, mas as formas em que o poder econocirc;mico torna estas variaacute;veis econocirc;micas visiacute;veis permanecem invisivelmente obscuras. Ele desafia a anaacute;lise empiacute;rica direta, e tem que ser analisado atraveacute;s de seus efeitos. (AMIT BHADURI/Jawaharlal Nehru University)

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The scrap metallic trade is considerably unpredictable. Problem is skilled even by consultants who should not all the time able to predict what the product will cost. As what often is the price at one time may not be the identical at one other time. The prices shall be affected by the demand for the scrap metal. If there is a high demand for the scrap metal then the worth paid for will probably be increased. If there’s an abundance of the product on the other hand then the price might be lower. The purchasers are in the end those who decide on the price paid for the commodity.

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[Ebook pdf] Recht fuuml;r Handwerk und Gewerbe: Von der Auftragsvergabe bis zur Zahlung (D.A.S. Ratgeber) (German Edition)

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Recht fuuml;r Handwerk und Gewerbe: Von der Auftragsvergabe bis zur Zahlung (D.A.S. Ratgeber) (German Edition)

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Author : Anne Kronzucker, Dr. Sabine Gladkov
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Description : Der Ratgeber “Recht fuuml;r Handwerk und Gewerbe” bietet einen umfassenden Uuml;berblick uuml;ber die gauml;ngigsten Rechtsthemen rund um die Auftragsabwicklung. Zudem geben aktuelle Urteile, Checklisten und Musterschreiben konkrete Hilfen an die Hand und machen den Ratgeber so zu einem umfassenden Leitfaden bei rechtlichen Fragestellungen.

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High-frequency visibility

As you get older, the concept is that you turn into a extra experienced driver and subsequently fit right into a decrease legal responsibility degree together with your insurance coverage company. Thus your insurance coverage premiums mirror the achieve in expertise. However, when you fail to study from your errors and proceed to cause problems on the road, your car insurance premiums will replicate your lack of learning and keep the identical or, in a lot of cases, enhance.

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Analyzing the Minimums for Auto Insurance coverage in Texas