(Free read ebook) Security and Privacy: Volume III (The Library of Essays on Law and Privacy)

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Security and Privacy: Volume III (The Library of Essays on Law and Privacy)

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Author : From Routledge
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Description : During the last decade in particular the levels of critical engagement with the challenges posed for privacy by the new technologies have been on the rise. Many scholars have continued to explore the big themes in a manner which typifies the complex interplay between privacy, identity, security and surveillance. This level of engagement is both welcome and timely, particularly in a climate of growing public mistrust of State surveillance activities and business predisposition to monetize information relating to the online activities of users. This volume is informed by the range of discussions currently conducted at scholarly and policy levels. The essays illustrate the value of viewing privacy concerns not only in terms of the means by which information is communicated but also in terms of the political processes that are inevitably engaged and the institutional, regulatory and cultural contexts within which meanings regarding identity and security are constituted.

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