[Mobile ebook] Proudhon: What is Property? (Cambridge Texts in the History of Political Thought)

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Proudhon: What is Property? (Cambridge Texts in the History of Political Thought)

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Author : Pierre-Joseph Proudhon
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Description : This is a 1994 translation of one of the classics of the traditions of anarchism and socialism. Pierre-Joseph Proudhon was a contemporary of Marx and one of the most acute, influential and subversive critics of modern French and European society. His What is Property? (1840) produced the answer ‘Property is theft’; the book itself has become a classic of political thought through its wide-ranging and deep-reaching critique of private property as at once the essential institution of Western culture and the root cause of greed, corruption, political tyranny, social division and violation of natural law. A critical and historical introduction situates Proudhon’s ‘diabolical work’ (as he called it) in the context of nineteenth-century social and legal controversy and of the history of political thought in general.

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[Download pdf] Endangered Economies: How the Neglect of Nature Threatens Our Prosperity

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Endangered Economies: How the Neglect of Nature Threatens Our Prosperity

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Author : Geoffrey Heal
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Description : In the decades since Geoffrey Heal began his field-defining work in environmental economics, one central question has animated his research: Can we save our environment and grow our economy?rdquo; This issue has become only more urgent in recent years with the threat of climate change, the accelerating loss of ecosystems, and the rapid industrialization of the developing world. Reflecting on a lifetime of experience not only as a leading voice in the field, but as a green entrepreneur, activist, and advisor to governments and global organizations, Heal clearly and passionately demonstrates that the only way to achieve long-term economic growth is to protect our environment.Writing both to those conversant in economics and to those encountering these ideas for the first time, Heal begins with familiar concepts, like the tragedy of the commons and unregulated pollution, to demonstrate the underlying tensions that have compromised our planet, damaging and in many cases devastating our natural world. Such destruction has dire consequences not only for us and the environment but also for businesses, which often vastly underestimate their reliance on unpriced natural benefits like pollination, the water cycle, marine and forest ecosystems, and more. After painting a stark and unsettling picture of our current quandary, Heal outlines simple solutions that have already proven effective in conserving nature and boosting economic growth. In order to ensure a prosperous future for humanity, we must understand how environment and economy interact and how they can work in harmonylest we permanently harm both.

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(Download free pdf) Social Media Ethics Made Easy: How to Comply with FTC Guidelines

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Social Media Ethics Made Easy: How to Comply with FTC Guidelines

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Author : Joseph W. Barnes
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Description : Social Media Ethics Made Easy takes an in-depth look at the risks of social, digital and mobile media marketing without structured policies. Readers will learn what is at stake from the law to their reputation, and what happens if businesses and/or individuals do not disclose relationships or comply with (FTC) Federal Trade Commission regulations. Readers will come to understand what they should do, why, and how they should do it. The issues in this book affect every single business from for-profits, to nonprofits, to government and educational institutions. It also addresses the impact on every single social/digital media participant and why they must learn about these guidelines so they can protect their own personal brand. This book is intended for a broad audience including students and professors in both undergrad and graduate schools, and practicing business executives. The goal is to inform management practice and help current and future business leaders navigate through the ethical laws and compliance issues affecting social, digital and mobile media.

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[E-BOOK] Personality at Work: The Drivers and Derailers of Leadership: The Drivers and Derailers of Leadership (Business Books)

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Personality at Work: The Drivers and Derailers of Leadership: The Drivers and Derailers of Leadership (Business Books)

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Author : Ronald Warren
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Description : An Evidence-Based Approach to Personality and Leadership A leaderrsquo;s bullying and constant dismissal of his teamrsquo;s concerns nearly take down an entire companymdash;and the global financial system. The U.S. Government has to provide a $182 billion bailout. A new CEO transforms a near-bankrupt auto company and its infamously competitive culture becomes more collaborative and thrivesmdash;making it the only auto manufacturer to not take bailout funds. These stories share a truth: Each leaderrsquo;s personality set the course of their companyrsquo;s future. We all know that IQ, education, knowledge, and technical skills are essential for professionals, but they alone are insufficient for effective leadership. Who you are as a personmdash;your personality and charactermdash;drives leadership performance and determines who thrives and who fails. In Personality at Work, psychologist Ron Warren lays out the key personality traits that drive high performancemdash;and the common traits that derail it. Warren clusters closely related traits into four dimensions of behavior: bull; Teamwork/Social Intelligencebull; Deferencebull; Dominancebull; Grit/Task Mastery. Each cluster is broken down into personality traitsmdash;13 in all. Personality at Work draws from research using the renowned LMAP 360 with 20,000 leaders and 250,000 360-feedback raters. An assessment used at organizations around the world, LMAP 360 is used at Harvard Business School, Yale School of Management, Underwriter Laboratories, BearingPoint, Deloitte, Teach for America, Clayton Homes, and more than 35 hospital systems throughout the United States. Personality at Work integrates research on personality and performance, teamwork, communications, judgment, and decision-making. You will learn how to hellip; bull; Recognize your own personality patterns and those of colleaguesbull; Understand the links between personality, leadership, and organizational effectivenessbull; Turn insights into action, leading with Grit and EQ to drive individual and team performance

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(Download free ebook) Going Beyond Aid: Development Cooperation for Structural Transformation

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Going Beyond Aid: Development Cooperation for Structural Transformation

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Author : Justin Yifu Lin, Yan Wang
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Description : Developing countries have for decades been trying to catch up with the industrialized high-income countries, but only a few have succeeded. Historically, structural transformation has been a powerful engine of growth and job creation. Traditional development aid is inadequate to address the bottlenecks for structural transformation, and is hence ineffective. In this book, Justin Yifu Lin and Yan Wang use the theoretical foundations of New Structural Economics to examine South-South development aid and cooperation from the angle of structural transformation. By studying the successful economic transformation of countries such as China and South Korea through ‘multiple win’ solutions based on comparative advantages and economy of scale, and by presenting new ideas and different perspectives from emerging market economies such as Brazil, India and other BRICS countries, they bring a new narrative to broaden the ongoing discussions of post-2015 development aid and cooperation as well as the definitions of aid and cooperation.

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