[Ebook free] Exploring the Financial Universe: The Role of the Sun and Planets in the World of Finance

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Exploring the Financial Universe: The Role of the Sun and Planets in the World of Finance

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Author : Christeen H. Skinner
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Description : The role of the Sun, planets and stars and their influence on global markets is intriguing to traders and investors alike. Christeen Skinnerrsquo;s research shows very definite links between major stock market movements and the position of the planets. This book will be of interest to those with little understanding of astrology as well as to those well-versed in the subject. The work includes charts, graphs and horoscopes and explanation of some of the techniques used for astro-financial forecasting.Innbsp;Exploring the Financial Universe, financial astrologer Christeen Skinner covers solar rhythms and the intricacies of commodity, property and currency price movements with planet cycles. The role of the planets in mastering the relationship between time and price is considered. There is a chapter on the natal horoscope and financial rhythms set from birth. The book concludes with forecasts covering 2017-2024.Chapters include:Solar activity and the marketsStock Market Crashes of the 20th CenturyOne Day gains versus lossesCurrencies and major planetary configurationsCommodity price movementsProperty Price cycles and the role of the Moon and planetsThe link between planet cycles, time and priceFinancial timing indicators in your own chartForecasts 2017-2024The author presents case studies in business astrology and an explanation of some astro-finance trading techniques and uses financial charts taken from the Market Analyst software program for astro-traders.

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