(Library ebook) Excellence in Managing Worldwide Customer Relationships (The Global Warrior Series)

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Excellence in Managing Worldwide Customer Relationships (The Global Warrior Series)

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Author : Thomas A. Cook
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Description : Every company is recognizing the critical importance of protecting its customer base by raising the bar of its customer service prowess. This book will first look at the obstacles in customer service management and provide a 10-step process for developing a best-practices approach that offers the best opportunity for excellence, world class initiatives, and high client satisfaction and retention levels. In addition, the book will focus on how technology can be used in customer service relationships that will enhance customersrsquo; loyalty. As companies grow internationally, the book will also look at customer service in global operations, cultural issues, and expanding into world markets. The book will differentiate itself from others in this class by: providing a more direct, no-nonsense approach, analyzing technology options, global reach and offering a methodology for world-class status and results.

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