[Mobile book] Inclusive Innovation for Sustainable Development: Theory and Practice

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Inclusive Innovation for Sustainable Development: Theory and Practice

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Author : From Palgrave Macmillan
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Description : Employing a three-dimensionalapproach, this book discusses inclusive innovation for socio-economic growthand development, and the implications for human security within the context ofdeveloping and emerging economies. Focusing on a new and innovative area ofresearch, Inclusive Innovation forSustainable Development explores new social and technological processesthat are created within, and for the benefit of, marginalised populations.Considering policy and issues surrounding technology, business strategies andbest practices, theoretical underpinnings and a broader contextualisation, theauthors interrogate the concept of the inclusivity of innovations. Written fromthe perspective of the new UN paradigm which states that ldquo;no one will be leftbehindrdquo;, the book considers the potential contribution of modern technology tohuman security and develops frameworks that counter the potential increases in inequalitythat this may bring. With contributions from leading international scholars ina range of disciplines, as well as practitioners in international developmentorganizations and private sector actors InclusiveInnovation for Sustainable Development provides a way forward for excludedmajority populations to take control of innovative technologies and businessprocesses.nbsp;

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