(Library ebook) Eliminate Automate Offshore: Why our careers are facing extinction

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Eliminate Automate Offshore: Why our careers are facing extinction

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Author : Rob Gaunt
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Description : If you are too young to remember or perhaps the parent ofsomeone who is too young to remember a time when theonly two types of telephones werenrsquo;t Android or Apple butthose connected to the wall in your house and those in phonebooths, then this book is for you.Unless yoursquo;re independently wealthy, at some point yoursquo;ll findyourself having to choose a career path. It would be a good ideato select one that is likely to still be around in 10, 15 and 20yearsrsquo; time because, as this book explains, most wonrsquo;t be.If you donrsquo;t believe me, next time you take a flight ask one ofthe cabin crew for the name of the navigatorhellip;..The key to selecting a career with longevity can be summarisedas follows:nbsp;There is only a future for careers in expensive economies wherethe value or quality of local knowledge or presence outweighsthe cost advantage of every other method of performing thetask.This book is not a how-to guide. It is a skip through therecent history of work with a look forward to the future and isdesigned to be thought-provoking.No one can predict the future. Nevertheless, we should all bepreparing for it. The following pages might just help.

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