[E-BOOK] Nunca te pares: Autobiografiacute;a del fundador de Nike (Spanish Edition)

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Nunca te pares: Autobiografiacute;a del fundador de Nike (Spanish Edition)

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Author : Phil Knight
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Description : La historia jamaacute;s contada detraacute;s de Nike, la marca deportiva maacute;s icoacute;nica del mundo, narrada por su creador. Uno de los libros favoritos de Bill Gates de 2016. Phil Knight, director general de Nike, nos cuenta por primera vez la auteacute;ntica historia detraacute;s de la empresa que fundoacute; en 1962, que hoy en diacute;a factura maacute;s de 30.000 millones de doacute;lares al antilde;o, y cuyo logo ha llegado a ser un siacute;mbolo global, el icono maacute;s ubicuo y reconocido en todo el mundo. Todo comenzoacute; con 50 doacute;lares y una idea sencilla: importar calzado deportivo econoacute;mico y de gran calidad desde Japoacute;n. Vendiendo esas zapatillas de deporte en el maletero de su coche consiguioacute; facturar 8.000 doacute;lares durante el primer antilde;o. Progresivamente, este pequentilde;o negocio se convirtioacute; en una start-up rompedora que revolucionoacute; el mercado, creoacute; una marca universal e innovadora y evolucionoacute; hasta convertirse en el gigante actual. En estas memorias sinceras y viscerales, Phil Knight relata los numerosos riesgos asumidos, los reveses sufridos y los incipientes eacute;xitos, pero sobre todo la relacioacute;n con sus primeros colaboradores y empleados, un grupo de inconformistas y luchadores que acabaron sintieacute;ndose como hermanos. Juntos, animados por la fuerza de un objetivo comuacute;n y una fe profunda en el espiacute;ritu del deporte, construyeron una marca que transformoacute; todos los caacute;nones establecidos. Resentilde;as:laquo;Estas memorias, por el co-fundador de Nike, es un recordatorio refrescante y honesto de lo que realmente es el camino hacia el eacute;xito empresarial: desordenado, precario y lleno de errores. He coincidido con Knight varias veces en los uacute;ltimos antilde;os. Eacute;l es muy agradable, pero tambieacute;n es tranquilo y difiacute;cil de conocer. Aquiacute; Knight se abre de una manera que pocos CEOs estaacute;n dispuestos a hacer. No creo que Knight se proponga ensentilde;ar nada al lector. En su lugar, logra algo mejor. Eacute;l cuenta su historia con la mayor honestidad posible. Es una historia increiacute;ble.raquo;Bill Gates laquo;Conozco a Phil Knight desde que era nintilde;o, pero en realidad no lo descubriacute; hasta que abriacute; este magniacute;fico libro iacute;ntimo. Lo mismo me ha ocurrido con Nike. Habiacute;a usado su material con orgullo, pero desconociacute;a la admirable historia de innovacioacute;n, superacioacute;n y eacute;xito que se escondiacute;a detraacute;s del siacute;mbolo de esta marca. Sincera, entretenida y elegante, esta es una memoria para todos aquellos a quienes les guste el deporte, pero sobre todo para quienes adoran las memorias.raquo;Andre Agassi, autor del bestseller Open laquo; Nunca te pares es una magniacute;fica historia sobre la suerte, el coraje, el aprendizaje y la alquimia maacute;gica de un puntilde;ado de personajes exceacute;ntricos que se reunieron para crear Nike. Las lecciones que encontramos en este libro acerca de la emprendeduriacute;a y los obstaacute;culos que vamos encontrando cuando queremos crear algo nuevo no tienen precio.raquo;Abraham Verghese, autor de Hijos del ancho mundo laquo;Una conmovedora y entretenida aventura, una auteacute;ntica odisea con mucho que ensentilde;ar sobre innovacioacute;n y creatividad. Phil Knight nos lleva hasta los inicios de la marca Nike y recuerda coacute;mo tuvo que suplicar para conseguir dinero de unos bancos muy reacios y coacute;mo tuvieron que trabajar juntos para construir algo uacute;nico y revolucionario. Una inspiracioacute;n para quienes tengan suentilde;os poco convencionales.raquo;Michael Spence, Premio Nobel de Economiacute;a

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[FREE] Five Inch Heels: When Women Step Into Power and Success

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Five Inch Heels: When Women Step Into Power and Success

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Author : Belynda Lee
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Description : An unexpected pregnancy, divorce, and single motherhood left Belynda Lee, a young immigrant woman, feeling as if her life had turned from grey to black. Forced to grow up too quickly, she found herself in a situation that she didnrsquo;t know how to handle. On the verge of giving up, Belyndarsquo;s will to live is reignited by three simple words: ldquo;I Love You.rdquo; In a single moment, she decides to live, never settle, and take control of her life.A story of trial, tribulation, and success, Five-Inch Heels will leave you inspired, entertained, and in tears.nbsp;Whether you are a single parent, mother, wife, young professional, or entrepreneur, you will discover how to tap into the motivation to move forward and unleash your own inner power to conquer hard times.

Pickup Technique: a Lot of The distinguished mend center possess there own pickup system. Customers aren’t required to lower the automotive at the restoration store, it’s acquired and fall at the desired host to the patron by the repair shop. Warranty: until the ownership stays with all the purchaser or Repair outlets which can be exemplary inside their operate take their work with its complete life’s price. These retailers are extraordinarily particular about their work and expectations, this does not retains any probability of downside.

The automaker, a completely owned subsidiary of Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd. of Japan, is focusing on enhancing its lineup, presents, as well as auto elements equipment such because the Subaru coil springs, engine, upholstery, and the like.
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Analyzing the Minimums for Auto Insurance in Texas

Nevertheless even while you do require hole insurance coverage, it is simply mandatory for as long as the excellent mortgage stability exceeds the precise cash value of your car or truck. Often what this means is a interval of 21/2 to 3 years. So by the tip of the 3rd yr of installments the mortgage steadiness on your vehicle ought to be near the money worth of your automobile or truck.

(Free and download) Segnaletika: Un percorso figurato per i comportamenti sociali e organizzativi (Italian Edition)

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Segnaletika: Un percorso figurato per i comportamenti sociali e organizzativi (Italian Edition)

(Free and download) File size: 42.Mb

Author : Roberto Provana, Carlo Bruschieri
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Description : Un percorso figurato per orientare i comportamenti sociali e organizzativi.I due autori -Roberto Provana e Carlo Bruschieri- propongono un linguaggio o approccio comunicazionale, una forma espressiva di impatto immediato che rispecchia la frammentazione ma anche lrsquo;essenzialitagrave; funzionale della vita contemporanea.Messaggi del genere, che imitano la cartellonistica, esistono da tempo -anche nel web- ma fanno riferimento a una dimensione quasi goliardica, a volte fumettistica.Con ldquo;Segnaletikardquo; i due autori cercano di attribuire a questa forma di espressione iconografica, una varietagrave;, una ricchezza di significati e potenzialitagrave; espressive che interessano sia la forma artistica, sia aspetti di comunicazione sociale e utilitagrave; produttiva.Il lavoro di Provana e Bruschieri si egrave; focalizzato sulla necessitagrave; di trovare, allrsquo;interno delle vaste possibilitagrave; di scelta -perfino disorientanti- del paesaggio globale contemporaneo, del web e della trasformazione culturale in atto, un percorso, linee-guida, spazi di riflessione che si pongono in modo non direttivo ma indicativo e interlocutorio con il pubblico, la ldquo;genterdquo;, lrsquo;uomo della strada.Ed egrave; proprio ldquo;on the roadrdquo; che prende avvio il tentativo di rivisitare la segnaletica stradale alla luce di nuove vie da esplorare, non solo spaziali, ambientali, ma anche mentali, interiori. La ldquo;Segnaletikardquo; nasce per suggerire una nuova cartellonistica stradale, ma poi si inoltra in territori (s)confinati: quelli delle fabbriche, degli uffici, degli ambienti domestici, dei centri commerciali, perfino delle chiese e dei luoghi classici della fruizione artistica come i musei.Roberto Provana: psicologo, ricercatore, formatore e consulente. Egrave; Adjunct professor presso la Business School del Politecnico di Milano e opera nellrsquo;ambito della gestione del personale e della comunicazione aziendale.Carlo Bruschieri: otografo professionista e grafico pubblicitario, egrave; nato a Crema dove vive e lavora. Titolare dello Studio Publica, si dedica alla comunicazione visiva in vari ambiti professionali.

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A lot of the insurance coverage companies provide a variety of auto insurance coverage policies that adjust in their terms and conditions significantly. This auto insurance is a safety taken whereas buying the automobiles, vehicles or the like. Auto insurance coverage has another names too besides solely as auto insurance. Auto insurance is also called the motor insurance coverage or car insurance in many nations. The premium costs of the auto insurance coverage fluctuate so much from one insurance company to the opposite. The nature of the auto insurance coverage on the identical time varies from one nation to another. The coverage levels of the auto insurance coverage include sure objects just like the insured parties, insured vehicles, and at the same time the third events involving automotive and folks. Fascinating is that there may a couple of auto insurance coverage for a single automobile. For instance, auto insurance coverage may be adopted in opposition to theft, fireplace injury, or accident individually.

[Mobile pdf] Finanzas municipales: Manual para los gobiernos locales (Spanish Edition)

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Finanzas municipales: Manual para los gobiernos locales (Spanish Edition)

[Mobile pdf] File size: 19.Mb

Author : From World Bank Publications
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Description : Desde Detroit hasta Lahore, la mayorAtilde;shy;a de las ciudades del mundo enfrentan problemas financieros, y aun asAtilde;shy; se espera que lleven a cabo sus funciones cada vez mAtilde;iexcl;s complejas.Finanzas municipales – Manual para los gobiernos locales toma partido. Se pone del lado de los alcaldes y de los responsables de los asuntos municipales. Son escasas las publicaciones sobre este tema dirigidas tan directa y pragmAtilde;iexcl;ticamente a las autoridades decisorias y al personal financiero a nivel local. El contenido y los mensajes principales procuran responder a las inquietudes y a las cuestiones que enfrentan diariamente las ciudades y los municipios en la administraciAtilde;sup3;n de sus finanzas.Finanzas municipales – Manual para los gobiernos locales asume una posiciAtilde;sup3;n. En ocho capAtilde;shy;tulos, en esta obra se pasa revista a las lecciones aprendidas sobre relaciones intergubernamentales; finanzas de las Atilde;iexcl;reas metropolitanas; gestiAtilde;sup3;n financiera, de los ingresos, de los gastos y de los activos pAtilde;ordm;blicos; financiamiento externo, y mediciAtilde;sup3;n del desempeAtilde;plusmn;o de las finanzas municipales. Abarca temas tales como la descentralizaciAtilde;sup3;n, la transparencia y la rendiciAtilde;sup3;n de cuentas, y aborda temas menos explorados como la gestiAtilde;sup3;n de activos, la capacidad crediticia, la respuesta frente a crisis financieras y los mecanismos de presentaciAtilde;sup3;n de informes a los diversos niveles de gobierno y a la ciudadanAtilde;shy;a. Finanzas municipales – Manual para los gobiernos locales hace un llamado a la acciAtilde;sup3;n. No solo aporta conocimientos de avanzada en muchas cuestiones tAtilde;copy;cnicas, sino que tambiAtilde;copy;n guAtilde;shy;a a los gobiernos locales en el laberinto de los instrumentos existentes. En particular, la autoevaluaciAtilde;sup3;n de las finanzas municipales que se propone en el capAtilde;shy;tulo 8 deberAtilde;shy;a ayudar a los municipios a evaluar su propia situaciAtilde;sup3;n y a avanzar en la senda de las reformas.

There are lots of problems related to faux automotive parts.

destruction of property.

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(Free download) From Global to Local: The Making of Things and the End of Globalization

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From Global to Local: The Making of Things and the End of Globalization

(Free download) File size: 70.Mb

Author : Finbarr Livesey
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Description : This brilliantly original book dismantles the underlying assumptions that drive the decisions made by companies and governments throughout the world, to show that our shared narrative of the global economy is deeply flawed. If left unexamined,nbsp;they will lead corporations and countries astray, with dire consequences for us all. For the past fifty years or so, the global economy has been run on three big assumptions: nbsp;that globalization will continue to spread, that trade is the engine of growth and development, and that economic power is moving from the West to the East. More recently, it has also been taken as a given that our interconnectednessmdash;both physical and digitalmdash;will increase without limit. nbsp;But what if all these ideas are wrong? What if everything is about to change? What if it has already begun to change but we just haven’t noticed?Increased automation, the advent of additive manufacturing (3D printing, for example), and changes in shipping and environmental pressures, among other factors, are coming together to create a fast-changing global economic landscape in which the rules are being rewrittenmdash;at once a challenge and an opportunity for companies and countries alike.

Mechanics and automotive fans alike are nicely aware that a dependable auto elevate is imperative for doing fine quality work. Excessive-high quality automotive equipment is one of the most necessary components for automotive repair. Men and women who spend their time engaged on automobiles know all too properly that and auto lift is an expensive and highly necessary investment – So when a part of the automobile lift ceases to perform correctly, repairing it becomes a high precedence.

Recommended: if they possess confidence onto it, People advocate anything. In the best way that is identical Insurance coverage corporations propose these centres which embrace inexpensive and are greatest. Excellent restoration facilities might be simply seen in most popular set of automobile insurance coverage companies that had been important. This is moreover methods to pick out your chosen autorepair business.

If, on the other hand, you purchase gap vehicle insurance safety from a auto supplier it can’t be terminated since you make a one time, up entrance cost.

Tire and lube retailers are a lot completely different within the nature of the providers that they supply. For example, these outlets handle your oil adjustments, tire rotation, inspections and repairs, brake work, and so on. Although sometimes chances are you’ll find that a tire and lube store will supply specialty services, it could, in truth, be in your best curiosity to take your automotive to a specialty store. That can make sure that your car is in the most effective arms attainable for no matter distinctive service your car requires.

[Online library] Norms in the Wild: How to Diagnose, Measure, and Change Social Norms

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Norms in the Wild: How to Diagnose, Measure, and Change Social Norms

[Online library] File size: 50.Mb

Author : Cristina Bicchieri
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Description : The philosopher Cristina Bicchieri here develops her theory of social norms, most recently explained in her 2006 volume The Grammar of Society. Bicchieri challenges many of the fundamental assumptions of the social sciences. She argues that when it comes to human behavior, social scientists place too much stress on rational deliberation. In fact, many choices occur without much deliberation at all. Bicchieri’s theory accounts for these automatic components of behavior, where individuals react automatically to cues–those cues often pointing to the social norms that govern our choices in a social worldBicchieri’s work has broad implications not only for understanding human behavior, but for changing it for better outcomes. People have a strong conditional preference for following social norms, but that also means manipulating those norms (and the underlying social expectations) can produce beneficial behavioral changes. Bicchieri’s recent work with UNICEF has explored the applicability of her views to issues of human rights and well-being. Is it possible to change social expectations around forced marriage, genital mutilations, and public health practices like vaccinations and sanitation? If so, how? What tools might we use? This short book explores how social norms work, and how changing them–changing preferences, beliefs, and especially social expectations–can potentially improve lives all around the world.

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Beneficial: if they possess confidence onto it, People advocate something. In the way in which that’s same Insurance firms suggest these centres which include inexpensive and are best. Excellent restoration facilities may very well be simply seen in most well-liked set of car insurance coverage firms that had been most important. This is furthermore ways to pick your chosen autorepair enterprise.

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The good news is that individuals seeking to repair a automobile raise can discover individual components and components that make the restore a lot much less burdensome. Automotive gear will be purchased from a variety of certified on-line retailers who supply high-quality gear at cheap prices.