(Free pdf) The Billionaires Club: The Unstoppable Rise of Footballrsquo;s Super-rich Owners

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The Billionaires Club: The Unstoppable Rise of Footballrsquo;s Super-rich Owners

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Author : James Montague
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Description : Once upon a time football was run by modest local businessmen. Today it is the plaything of billionaire oligarchs, staggeringly wealthy from oil and gas, from royalty, or from murkier sources. But who are these new masters of the universe? Where did all their money come from? And what do they want with our beautiful game? While almost cloaked in secrecy, the billionaire owner has to raise his head above the bunker when it comes to football ownership ndash; a rare Achilles heel that allows access to worlds normally off limits journalists and outsiders. In the Billionaires Club James Montague delves deeper than anyone ever dared, to tell this story for the first time. He criss-crosses the world ndash; from Dhaka to Doha, from China to Crewe, from St Louis to London, from Bangkok to Belgium ndash; to profile this new elite, their network of money and their influence that defies geographic boundaries.The Billionaires Club is part history of club ownership, part in-depth investigation into the money and influence that connects the super-rich around the globe, and part travel book as he follows the ever-shifting trail around the globe in an attempt to reveal the real force behind modern-day football.At its heart The Billionaires Club is a football book, about some of the biggest clubs in the world. But it is also about something bigger: the world around us, the global economy, where the world is headed and how football has become an essential cog in this machine.

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