(Mobile book) Stress-Proof: The Scientific Solution to Protect Your Brain and Body–and Be More Resilient Every Day

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Stress-Proof: The Scientific Solution to Protect Your Brain and Body–and Be More Resilient Every Day

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Author : Mithu Storoni
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Description : Discover simple, science-based strategies for beating stress at its own game Whenrsquo;s the best time to exercise ndash; and how much is too much? Which foods fortify the brain, and which do the opposite? How can we use music, movement, and motivation to boost our rational brain and keep our cool no matter what life throws our way? nbsp; Short bursts of stress are an inevitable part of modern life. But how much is too much? Research is uncovering the delicate balance that can turn a brief stressful episode into systemic overload, eventually leading to inflammation, anxiety, depression, and other chronic health issues.This practical and groundbreaking guide reveals seven paths to fighting the effects of stress–to strengthen our natural defenses so that our minds remain sharp, and our bodies resilient, no matter what life throws at us.Each chapter examines a common stress agentmdash;including inflammation, an out-of-sync body clock, cortisol levels, and emotional triggersmdash;and presents simple ways to minimize its harmful effects with changes in diet, exercise, and other daily habitsmdash;including surprising hacks involving music, eye movements, body temperature, daily routine, and more. Translating cutting-edge scientific findings into clear and simple advice,nbsp;Stress-Proofnbsp;is the ultimate userrsquo;s guide for body, mind and well-being.

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