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Private Enterprise in Developing Countries

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Author : W. M. Clarke
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Description : Private Enterprise in Developing Countries is a five-chapter text that describes the contribution of private investment in the less-developed countries. The opening chapter tracks down the flow of help to less development countries and the struggles in encouraging private enterprise to invest in the poorer countries. The next chapter scrutinizes the significant changes in private investments in less-developed countries, followed by a discussion on the distinction between the prime purpose of private enterprise and the result of their activities, focusing on the concept of the so-called development ldquo;fall-out. These topics are followed by surveys of the basis of fear of private investors in investing business in underdeveloped countries through examining the experience of Malaysia and the sterling parts of Africa. The final chapter considers some business issues, including the development of a system to safeguard the handling of information for the study of overseas investment climate and the role being played by indigenous development corporations.

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