(Mobile library) Operational Auditing: Principles and Techniques for a Changing World (Internal Audit and IT Audit)

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Operational Auditing: Principles and Techniques for a Changing World (Internal Audit and IT Audit)

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Author : Hernan Murdock
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Description : Internal auditors are expected to perform risk-based audits, but do so partially because they focus on financial and compliance risks at the expense of operational, strategic and technological ones. This limits their ability to evaluate critical risks and processes. This book merges traditional internal audit concepts and practices with contemporary quality control methodologies, tips, tools and techniques. It helps internal auditors perform value-added operational audits that result in meaningful findings and useful recommendations to help organizations meet objectives and improve the perception of internal auditors as high-value contributors, appropriate change agents and trusted advisors.

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[Mobile ebook] Guia brasileiro de produccedil;atilde;o cultural: Accedil;otilde;es que transformam a cidade (Portuguese Edition)

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Guia brasileiro de produccedil;atilde;o cultural: Accedil;otilde;es que transformam a cidade (Portuguese Edition)

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Author : Cristiane Olivieri, Edson Natale
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Description : O Guia brasileiro de produccedil;atilde;o cultural mostra haacute; mais de 20 anos o caminho para a produccedil;atilde;o e o desenvolvimento de projetos culturais, abordando temas como planejamento, direitos autorais, comunicaccedil;atilde;o, produccedil;atilde;o, entre outros. Contando com um time de consultores e entrevistados de peso, traz uma novidade nesta 8ordf; ediccedil;atilde;o: um caderno temaacute;tico, que a cada publicaccedil;atilde;o se dedicaraacute; a discutir toacute;picos atuais no contexto da produccedil;atilde;o cultural. “Accedil;otilde;es que transformam a cidade”, o tema desta ediccedil;atilde;o, reflete sobre os espaccedil;os urbanos que abrigam, com seus proacute;s e contras, os eventos culturais em torno dos quais nos reunimos

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