[Download pdf] Global Risk Agility and Decision Making: Organizational Resilience in the Era of Man-Made Risk

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Global Risk Agility and Decision Making: Organizational Resilience in the Era of Man-Made Risk

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Author : Daniel Wagner, Dante Disparte
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Description : InGlobal Risk Agility and Decision Making,Daniel Wagner and Dante Disparte, two leading authorities in global riskmanagement, make a compelling case for the need to bring traditional approachesto risk management and decision making into the twenty-first century. Based ontheir own deep and multi-faceted experience in risk management across numerousfirms in dozens of countries, the authors call for a greater sense of urgencyfrom corporate boards, decision makers, line managers, policymakers, and riskpractitioners to address and resolve the plethora of challenges facing todayrsquo;sprivate and public sector organizations.Setagainst the era of manmade risk,where transnational terrorism, cyber risk, and climate change are makingtraditional risk models increasingly obsolete, they argue that remainingpassively on the side-lines of the global economy is dangerous, and thatunderstanding and actively engaging the world is central to achieving riskagility. Their definition of risk agility taps into the survival andrisk-taking instincts of the entrepreneur while establishing an organizationalimperative focused on collective survival.Theagile risk manager is part sociologist, anthropologist, psychologist, andquant. Risk agility implies not treating risk as a cost of doing business, butas a catalyst for growth. Wagner and Disparte bring the concept of risk agilityto life through a series of case studies that cut across industries, countries and the public and private sectors. The rich, real-world examples underscorehow once mighty organizations can be brought to their kneesmdash;and even theirdemise by simple miscalculations or a failure to just do the right thing. Thereader is offered deep insights into specific risk domains that are shaping ourworld, including terrorism, cyber risk, climate change, and economic resourcenationalism, as well as a frame of reference from which to think about riskmanagement and decision making in our increasingly complicated world.Thiseasily digestible book will shed new light on the often complex discipline ofrisk management. Readers will learn how risk management is being transformedfrom a business prevention functionto a values-based framework forthriving in increasingly perilous times. From tackling governance structuresand the tone at the top to advocatingfor greater transparency and adherence to value systems, this book willestablish a new generation of risk leader, with clarion voices calling forgreater risk agility. The rise of agile decision makers coincides with greaterresilience and responsiveness in the era of manmade risk.

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