We love bike expedition videos and blogs almost as much as we love going on bike expeditions. But like most of you, we don’t have the time for five weeks in Mongolia or three months across South America. So we started the XPDTN3 club, packing as much bike adventure into 3 days as possible.

Who is “we”? We’re a small group of photographers, adventurers, (ex-) pro cyclists and bike industry lifers. But above all, we’re cyclists with a desire to go off the beaten path. We do around two XPDTN3 trips per month, in small groups of always-changing configuration, and we post the photos, videos and trip reports here.

But the sharing doesn’t end there. We enjoy these trips so much that we would love for you to experience them too. So we will make info packages of each trip, offering you additional photo galleries, GPX files, information on how to get to the starting point and leave the finishing point, the best lodging along the way, etc. This makes it super simple for people with little time to go on their own adventures. When we say simple, we mean the organizing will be simple, not the riding!