When it comes to riding a bike, I love the bumpy surfaces, hence my most priced possession is the dusty 2004 Paris-Roubaix cobble trophy. Now an ex-pro at 41 living in Wales with my wife and 2 daughters as well as my 2 dogs, I spend most of my day working with my own coaching business and I run a youth development cycling team (Backstedt Cycling).

After my racing career I spent a couple of years swimming, riding and running and in doing so I managed to qualify for the Ironman World Championships in Kona, Hawaii. Something I would like to do more of later. My favourite part of riding a bike is and has always been is that I can go anywhere I want on any terrain with my friends and family. I’m not a fan of racing up mountains, hence my hate of mountain top finishes; why go all the way to the top if you can’t race down the mountain? I used to weigh 96kg when I was a Tour rider!!! But I really love the ride up there at my own pace.

I’ve always wanted to ride across all the islands of Hawaii and climb the top of the highest peak on each island. This is something I think would be pretty special as I love the Volcano landscapes. Tough to do as a 3-day XPDTN3 trip though! I’d also like to do a bike safari in South Africa.


I have been enamored with the freedom and serenity of bicycles for as long as I can remember. As a kid, I started out with early morning paper routes and long rides into the relentless winds of the Great Plains, but quickly expanded into any endeavor that put me on a bike in some far off location throughout the US, Wales, Scotland, and Germany. Some of my greatest experiences include: epic rides throughout the trails of Coed-y-Brenin, Cwmcarn, and Afan forest in Wales; the SSWC’s in State College, Pennsylvania and Aviemore, Scotland; and Schlaflos im Sattel in the Pfälzerwald of Germany. Since moving to Idaho, I've enjoyed bikepacking trips in the Owyhee Canyonlands and along the Oregon coast, using packrafts to navigate the rivers included in these journeys. While balancing family and career, I look forward to more prodigious routes that involve the remote wildlands of Idaho over the fixed timeline of a long weekend or three.


To me cycling is a lifestyle… and it reflects not only in my work as the Race Director of the Absa Cape Epic. Living in Cape Town, at the tip of Africa, I am well acquainted with most airlines’ bike policy as I seldom set foot into an airport without a bike box.

When people ask what I train for, the answer is usually: for the next delicious meal and bottle of wine. It’s all about the right balance. Cycling, to me, is about spending time with friends, and being out in nature. The best way to experience foreign countries and their diverse cultures is from the (dis)comfort of your saddle. I love stars in all their forms…pitching a tent under the Milky Way, or savouring them in the form of star rated establishments. Michelin is not only a bike tyre…

Where no bike can take you, I like to jump into a kayak, paddle around icebergs or in tropical waters, put on crampons or skies in the mountains, or explore the coral reefs with scuba gear.


My name is Marc Gasch and I'm a professional outdoor photographer (and amateur filmmaker...) from Spain. Long time ago, I got a Degree in Law at the University, but after a couple of years working, I found out I didn't belong there. I quit my safe and well-paid job, to the surprise of family and friends, and started working full time as an outdoor photographer, following the steps of my grandfather. Shooting and working hard for almost 20 years now, I specialized in all things outdoor, but mostly "boards" and "wheels", my two passions. When the opportunity came to join the new XPDTN3 Club, it sounded like the perfect match to merge all my passions in one project: cool bikes, freedom for travelling, shooting pictures and exploring the world on two wheels. The possibilities are endless, so I can't wait to see what adventures and experiences waits for us on the upcoming trips!


I am a sportsman, graphic designer and sometimes photographer. Born and raised in Barcelona into a family of designers, my challenge has always been to maintain the balance between my passion for sport, that brought me to compete in snowboard, wakeboard, triathlon, cycling and trail running; and my passion for branding and aesthetics. I love contrasts; you can find me both in an alley way of Hong Kong or on the summit of Mont Blanc. What’s next? I would love to discover the Japanese culture and its amazing landscapes through an XPDTN3 trip.


I spent my formative years in the mountains, notching ascents around the world including Alaska, Peru and Kazakhstan. Balancing family and career, nowadays I compress those month-long stints of adventure into weekend junkets around my home in Idaho. One of my grandest accomplishments was making the first rim-to-rim-to-rim run of North America's deepest canyon, Hells Canyon. Alpine style on the horizontal, bikepacking is a natural expression of what one can do with a bike, a map and a fistful of grit. I'm looking forward to threading the hot springs, backcountry air strips and blue ribbon trout streams via the thousands of gravel miles trickling out of Boise on my next XPDTN3 adventures.


After trying to be the best speedskater in the world failed, I started cycling at the age of 20. First riding solo, but after some years I tried to ride the tandem. From that moment, I was addicted to this sport and since 2011 I'm a professional tandem pilot. This means I ride on a tandem with a girl who's vissible impaired.

In 2012 together with my partner we became Paralympic Champions in the Time Trial and won bronze in the Road Race in London. Now, with a new riding partner, we are on our way to Rio. After I became a pilot, riding solo was getting harder. Looks like I try harder when I'm with someone else on the bike who I would fight for. A born pilot maybe ;-). But the XPDTN3 trips could change this.

My other hobbies are Skiing and fishing but at the moment I free up too little time for this. And more than a “hobby”, I'm very proud of building my own dreamhouse brick by brick for the last 2 years with my husband.


Dave has ridden for the best cycling teams in the world and has won stages in the the Tour de France and the Giro de Italia. He has multiple podium finishes in the World Championship Time Trial and is a record breaking 7-time National Time Trial Champion, earning him the nickname “Captain America.” He has also won stages and podium placements 6 times in the Tour of California -- and in his retirement from professional cycling, Dave, as a part of a four man team called “Legends of the Road,” won the Race Across America and has most recently won the Santa Barbara 100 Mile Mountain bike race. In addition to being a world-class road cyclist and mountain bike fanatic, Dave Zabriskie is an Olympian, a cycling safety advocate and chamois cream mastermind.

As a result of being hit by cars five times and the countless others who are injured, or worse yet, killed each year, Dave created —“YIELD TO LIFE”— a non-profit dedicated to helping keeping cyclists safe on the road, promoting cycling as a healthy and environmentally-friendly lifestyle and ensuring the safety of those who cycle. Dave's goal is to prevent the senseless accidents that keep occurring between motorists and cyclists by heightening awareness, fostering respect, and strengthening understanding between and among all those who use the roads.

Cycling safety is not the only issue Dave has combated. After struggling with his own chamois issues and writing popular main-taint-enance articles, Dave decided to fulfill a long standing dream to create the world’s best chamois cream. In 2008, he did just that when he launched DZNUTS – a premium chamois cream company making specially formulated chamois creams for men, and through popular demand has expanded to a woman’s line, DZNUTS Bliss as well as an embrocation line. DZNUTS has sponsored the best Pro Tour Teams in the world as well as the best professional cyclists and is popular with pros and non-pros alike. DZNUTS is now the first in the industry to go completely preservative free while adding certified organic ingredients.


My name is Paul Errington. I would say I was now a full-time cyclist. My occupation as an event organiser and freelance supporter of bike brands allows me the freedom to ride as much as I want… or at least that is the theory.

For some cycling is a hobby, a form of transport, a means of maintaining health … for some it’s a vocation and an all-consuming lifestyle … that’s my relationship with cycling.

In my many years of riding I have embraced near all forms of cycling always excited by the experiences and opportunities they all offer. Throughout my adult life, I have always travelled to ride bikes. I have raced singlespeed mountain bikes through the Himalayas, rattled gravel bikes over iconic Belgian cobbles and changed flat inner tubes at minus temperatures on Minnesotan snowmobile trails in snow. Every single trip seeing me come away more enriched through experiencing new places and new people.

Now more than ever I am focussed on building on these unique experiences and opening up to travelling further and riding farther to experience more.